Are you a public relations professional? Are you looking for terrific opportunities to work in a hands-on environment and generate meaningful results for innovative companies in technology, healthcare, and government?

If so, I may have a job for you. RH Strategic is looking to hire an account executive, senior account executive, and account supervisor. We have a lot to offer as a place to work and build a career. Our clients range from cutting-edge healthcare IT companies, to leading telecommunications providers and companies that are transforming government.  Our clients are industry innovators and market disruptors.  We are honored to work with them, to tell their story, and to help them realize their true potential.

Our employees enjoy the challenge of working for a company that has national reach and national clients, yet is small and nimble.  What that means is, we don’t make our new staff “pay their dues.” From Day One you’ll be working with our leading clients, helping them create PR and marketing campaigns that deliver real value.

And in return, we expect work that is more than good. It is great. That’s because our business is based on creating and maintaining  long-lasting relationships with clients. So while we are perfectly capable of fast-twitch PR – the basic blocking and tackling of everyday client work – what we strive to do is thoroughly understand our clients’  business needs and become trusted members of the in-house team.

It takes a special kind of PR person to do that. One who really knows the client space and gives counsel that delivers big impact. There is a reason we are RH Strategic. We are a strategic PR firm, meaning we don’t go in for showy stunts, the latest trends, or hit-and-run work. Instead we stand for work that is substantive, professional, adaptable, and team-based.

Our work environment is a reflection of our identity.   Our offices are informal yet focused.  Our hierarchy is much flatter than the typical big agency, but structured to maximize client service.  We use the latest technology tools for communication and collaboration, yet understand the value of face-to-face interaction can rarely be duplicated.  And we  strive for a great work-life balance, treating our people with respect.

So if you’re the kind of PR professional who shares those values, let’s talk. As one of the top PR companies in Seattle and Washington, D.C. , we’re looking for the best talent out there to join our team.