Employee recognition is a cornerstone of the culture at RH Strategic, and we’re pleased to recognize six outstanding employees in this year’s RHockstar Awards.

We’ve identified six traits that help build expert communications professionals: Communicator, Creative, Coordinator, Connector, Consultant and Champion. We believe these traits are the backbone of building high-performing teams that produce meaningful work for our clients and draw new clients to the firm. Our peer-nominated awards program recognizes the following individuals who are committed to advancing their skills:

Communicator: Ruby Lewis

Ruby is recognized for fully committing to learning her clients’ industries and audiences so she can better forge meaningful relationships with media, resulting in numerous top-tier coverage wins.

Creative: Lindsey Godbout

Lindsey is skilled at creating streamlined processes, like coordinating a new approach to social media development that enable her team to participate in RH Strategic’s Summer Friday benefit.

Coordinator: Ashley Winiewicz

Ashley is an extremely effective project manager. She regularly jumps in to support before being asked and is always willing to step up and support her teams regardless of what she has on her plate.

Connector: Brittany Jacobsen

Brittany is known for finding new and out-of-the-box media angles for her clients, pinpointing valuable opportunities where they can bring a unique perspective to ongoing conversations and build connections with reporters.

Consultant: Kaitlin Sheppard

Kaitlin is committed to helping clients recognize the impact of PR, from masterfully facilitating in-person end-of-year reviews, quarterly strategy sessions and meetings with executives to crafting high-value writing projects.

Champion: Katie O’Brien

Katie has a passionate knack for leading teams that support one another and cheer each other on every day. Katie’s leadership approach infuses genuine energy into her accounts that shows she cares about results as well as her peers’ growth.

2023 RHockstar of the Year: Ashley Winiewicz.

In addition to her achievements as Coordinator, Ashley is the epitome of going above and beyond with awareness, problem-solving skills and dependability. Ashley possesses innate leadership abilities across client and firm work and is committed to constantly learning and growing while also producing quality deliverables for her clients.

About the Awards

The RHockstar Awards are highly coveted and respected by the team. Employees newest to the profession are inspired by their colleague’s commitment to the craft, and the firm’s leadership and management are proud to lead teams that show up curious.

This year’s winners were selected out of more than 60 nominations highlighting exemplary work across the firm. The winners represent the core of RH Strategic’s commitment to growth and learning that echoes throughout all aspects of our work.

While our culture of support and collaboration shines through every day, it’s gratifying to see it coalesce in a celebration like this. Please join us in congratulating our teammates who were selected for this year’s RHockstar Awards.


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