At RH Strategic, 16 of our colleagues are celebrating and looking ahead with their eyes set on new opportunities and growth as they settle into new roles with recent and well-deserved promotions.

Promotions at RH Strategic are about more than acknowledging a job well done. We ask everyone on our team to put their best work forward day after day, be role models for other teammates and think through challenges and solutions strategically. On top of that, we ask individual contributors to bring passion to these responsibilities, to continue the learning process and share a mindset of discipline and reliance.

Every day. The professionals that make up our incredible team never back down from this challenge.

At no point is a career at RH Strategic experiencing stillness. At every level, employees are in constant motion – looking for ways to grow, challenging and championing new approaches to work, mentoring colleagues and bringing them along in their own growth.

Earlier this year we celebrated 16 of our peers and colleagues that accepted challenges, further defined their roles and dedicated their work in search of meeting higher expectations. Join us in recognizing those earning well-deserved promotions and celebrating future growth and success at RH Strategic!

  • Alyssa Bruce: Associate
  • Lindsey Godbout: Associate
  • Ryan Robledo: Associate
  • Sarah Toomey: Associate
  • Megan Brown: Senior Associate
  • Kelsey Clary: Senior Associate
  • Katie O’Brien: Senior Associate
  • Kristin Peixotto: Media Manager
  • Kaitlin Sheppard: Senior Associate
  • Brittany Jacobsen: Account Supervisor
  • Madison Pappas: Account Supervisor
  • Emily Field: Account Director
  • Sam Garrard: Account Director
  • Jenna Shikoff: Senior Media Lead
  • Brendan Hughes: Associate Vice President
  • Danielle Ruckert: Vice President

These individuals represent the growth, mentorship, continuous learning and teaching taking place at RH Strategic. We are committed to providing our talented team across all levels with the guidance, resources and experiences to continue their individual development toward being an expert practitioner. This is group is leading RH Strategic into its next phase of business and congratulations are in order.

We are always interested in meeting and networking with talented professionals in the communications industry. To discuss potential career opportunities at RH Strategic. Please reach out to us at if you would like to connect.


RH Strategic is a Seattle and D.C.-based PR agency with a nationwide presence and additional global reach via membership in the Worldcom Public Relations Group. We provide strategic public relations for innovators in the technology, government and healthcare markets.