From healthcare to manufacturing to transportation, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing every industry and every aspect of business. Companies attempting to disrupt the status quo are increasingly looking to IoT to streamline operations, create efficiencies and complete their digital transformations.

A few months ago, we wrote about five IoT trends that stand poised to change the healthcare industry as we know it. We’re seeing similar trends emerge in other industries that could soon change the way we buy groceries, commute to work and secure our data. If you’re interested in learning how IoT could impact your business, consider attending the top eight IoT events of 2020 listed below. Note that registration and submission deadlines for speakers and exhibitors at these events often come months in advance of the event itself, so it’s best to plan ahead!

As you decide whether it would benefit your business to attend, send a speaker or set up a booth at an event, you should also consider how you can leverage media interest around the event to your advantage. Industry conferences and expos like the ones below tend to feature product launches and big company announcements, creating significant PR and thought leadership opportunities, in addition to generating leads and expanding your network.

IoT Evolution Expo, February 7-10, 2020, Fort Lauderdale, FL

IoT Evolution offers attendees three days of conference sessions focused on how IoT is changing today’s transportation model and allowing companies to save time and money. This event attracts some of the top names in connected devices, including IBM, Sprint and Verizon.

Mobile World Congress, February 24-27, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest mobile industry event. With over 100,000 attendees from 208 countries and more than 2,000 exhibitors, MWC promises to expand your professional network and help you achieve your business goals.

Industry of Things World USA, March 12-13, 2020, San Diego, CA

This event focuses on the impact of industrial IoT on business models and processes in all major industries. As part of the award-winning Industry of Things World global series, this event has turned into the meeting point for senior executives who want to deepen their knowledge and broaden their network in the industrial internet.

IoT World Developer Conference, April 6-9, 2020, San Jose, CA

With over 12,000 attendees anticipated, IoT World Developer Conference may be the largest IoT-specific event on this list. More than 450 speakers will take the stage and present on topics such as manufacturing and supply chain, smart cities, AI, machine learning, connected cars, 5G, LPWAN, and more.

Manufacturing & Technology, June 23-25, 2020, Orlando, FL

A one-stop experience that educates manufacturing and engineering professionals on key trends in smart manufacturing, IIoT, factory automation, operational excellence and more. This event offers multiple breakout sessions, featuring more than 50 expert speakers from companies such as Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Martinrea International, Steel Partners, and many more.

MWC Americas, 2020 date TBD, Los Angeles, CA

Typically held in October, MWC Americas is a great place to get acquainted with the IoT industry. The event is an important meeting point for companies based in North and South America and specifically for professionals whose day-to-day responsibilities require a thorough understanding of the IoT landscape.

IoT Tech Expo North America, 2020 date TBD, Santa Clara, CA

Some of you may be gearing up for the 2019 IoT Tech Expo North America, which takes place November 13-14. This expo brings together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion about IoT, 5G, cybersecurity, cloud, blockchain, AI and big data. The expo showcases the most cutting-edge technologies from more than 350 exhibitors and features more than 500 speakers sharing unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences.

Internet of Manufacturing, 2020 date TBD, Dallas, TX

The 2019 event hasn’t even taken place yet (it’s slated for November 19-20), but we’re already recommending you put this one on your calendar for 2020. Internet of Manufacturing is the only event dedicated to showcasing and facilitating the advancement of southern manufacturers’ plants and business models through technology.


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