We’ve added another RHockstar to the RH Strategic DC office! We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Associate, Emily Field, who answers some questions about herself and her background.


Tell us about your PR background prior to joining RH Strategic.

Prior to RH, I worked in Ketchum DC’s Corporate and Public Affairs practice, where I helped support media relations and communications initiatives for healthcare, consulting, tax and association clients.  I have also worked for The San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate, Gambel Communications, Tulane University’s Office of Communications and The Distillery, an online media startup with a focus on female entrepreneurs.  I am extremely passionate about writing, media, tech and entrepreneurship; nothing inspires me more than effective communications strategy.

When you are not working hard for your clients, where can we find you?

I can usually be found trying different restaurants in the metro D.C. area, reading a new non-fiction book, catching up on the latest episode of Black Mirror or planning my next outdoor adventure!

How do you stay updated on public relations trends?

I am a news junkie, so I constantly read about the newest developments in industry and policy. I’m an avid reader of Politico, The Hill, New York Times, TechCrunch and Fortune, to name a few. In PR, it’s important to always stay on top news and media trends; you never know when the right opportunity will present itself for a client placement. I also keep close tabs on what competitors are doing, which is often a good indicator of general PR trends.

How would you spend your perfect Saturday night?

My perfect Saturday night involves eating a delicious home cooked meal or trying one of D.C.’s many restaurants with friends. I also love a good weekend happy hour.

What about PR excites you the most?

Working in PR means that I get to work at the intersection of media, policy and the corporate world – what could be more exciting? I love being able to analyze the current news landscape and score media placements for clients by connecting what they do to new and existing conversations.


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