Surfing, anyone?

A bunch of hopeful entrepreneurs – all dreaming of becoming the next Instagram, no doubt – are certainly up for it. They’re all participants in the new SURF Incubator, which officially opens in just a few days.

What is SURF Incubator? Founded by serial entrepreneur (and, of course, surfing fanatic) Seaton Gras, it’s a new concept in helping tech-oriented start-ups find their footing. Gras actually launched SURF in 2009, but only recently acquired a space to make it reality – a 15,400-square-foot suite of offices in Seattle’s Art Deco Exchange Building.

Here, he hopes, some 100 startups will find a great place to make their digital mark. His hope is that SURF users – who pay SURF a lease, rather than giving SURF an equity stake – will work together, loaning each other developers, coming together to hear talks from business experts, and building their own business with the help of others.

RH Strategic is working with SURF to help promote the incubator and Gras’s vision for it, work that led to a bunch of great media coverage, such as this article by John Cook on GeekWire.

As a corporate sponsor for SURF, RH Strategic is working pro-bono. But we’re happy to do so. We think it’s a great concept, and admire Gras’s tenacity and vision. For his part, Gras approached us because he knew we had deep experience in the digital realm, and would understand what he needed to accomplish.

Plus, our work with SURF gives us a look at what today’s digital entrepreneurs are up to. As a Washington, D.C. and Seattle PR agency with a big portfolio of tech clients, it’s important for us to keep up with technology. Because technology moves faster than any industry out there.

So here’s to SURF – riding the digital wave.