The Affordable Care Act’s impact is being felt in all corners of American society, from patients to physicians, and health plans to political leaders.  But it is also being felt in newsrooms, where a legion of journalists have been assigned to translate this new law and offer readers a glimpse of the future.  Lucky for us, there are some super talented writers on the job.  We started a list of the ones who are having the most impact on our collective understanding of the new law… use the comment section to add your own!

  1. Louise Radnofsky, Wall Street Journal, @louiseradnofsky : A prolific writer churning out high quality copy on exchanges, the employer mandate, Congress, and more.
  2. Jason Millman, Washington Post Health Reform Blog, @JasonMillam : Fresh angles on health reform-related topics like the cost of insurance, Medicaid expansion, demographics, drug coverage.
  3. Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News, @Julie_Appleby : Leave-no-stone-unturned assessments of topics like enrollee data, premiums, and drug costs.
  4. Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News, @jrovner : Formerly with NPR, now working as a Fellow for KHN covering health policy and politics. She knows this beat inside and out.
  5. Kelly Kennedy, USA Today, @KellySKennedy : A 360-degree view of reform, covering enrollment data, premium hikes, medical costs, Medicare data, and machinations on Capitol Hill.
  6. Bruce Japsen, Forbes, @brucejapsen  : Piercing analysis of typically thick topics like enrollment, benefits, health plans, rates, IT.
  7. Sarah Kliff, Vox @sarahkliff  : Zeroes in on the political question of Obamacare’s success, and occasionally explores other intriguing topics like the bogus health claims of barefoot shoes.
  8. Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg, @cflav :  An editorial writer’s take on healthcare, and a whole lot more.
  9. Tom Sullivan, Government Health IT, @GovHITeditor : Closely following the action at HHS & CMS, plus EHR’s, ICD-10, IT, Security – if it’s government and health IT, Tom is on the case.
  10. Brian Kalish, SourceMedia, @Benefit_Brian : Exchanges, exchanges, exchanges, and exchanges! Hard to claim anyone is more on top of this component of health reform.
  11. BonusReed Abelson, New York Times @ReedAbelson : She might be new to Twitter, but definitely not to healthcare.  Reed, like a few others on this list, have owned this beat since way before ACA.  You can be sure that every story she posts is informed by rich historical context.

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Do you have any standout healthcare journalists to add to our list? Leave a comment below, or tweet us at @RHStrategic with the hashtag #RHetoricBlog. 

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