Congratulations on getting your teams successfully transitioned to remote work and video meetings. Everyone’s patience for the background distractions, wi-fi drop-offs and muted banter continues to show resilience.

Yet there are moments when the stakes are high and there are no do-overs – a keynote speech, a live media interview, an investor pitch, an important all-hands meeting. If you often find yourself on center stage in these situations, it’s time to admit the homespun approach is no longer up to task.

How does the CEO, thought leader, or other VIP convey all of the necessary influence, persuasion and charisma via a tiny webcam, without the usual instruments of success? There will be no handshakes, no podium, no teams of light and sound pros, and no reaffirming audience applause.

Our advice is to begin investing in a higher-grade operation. Now that video-based speeches and presentations may be a format of choice long after the pandemic is over, this upgrade may be needed not just at home but at the office as well.

We suggest re-evaluating equipment and process. Equipment considerations cover everything from hard-wired, unthrottled internet (not wi-fi) to a sufficiently powerful computer, a standalone 4k camera and microphone, three-point lighting, and a fitting backdrop. You’ve probably thought about upgrades to your equipment more often lately – now is unquestionably the time to go for it.

At RH, we’ve experimented with a variety of different computers, cameras, lights, and microphones—especially over the last few months. We’d be happy to let you know the brands and models we’ve found to be most useful—just email us here.

Process improvements cover dress rehearsals, cybersecurity considerations and emergency back-up plans. It may be wise to hire a virtual production company to handle complex presentations and transitions between speakers and presentations, as well as live-streaming across multiple channels at once. Again, the RH Strategic team can provide recommendations.

We all deserve some credit for making the quick transition to remote meetings. For many, it’s good enough. For the few who must put it all on the line remotely, it’s time to get a studio to match.


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