We work with clients of all shapes and sizes – and they come to us with content that spans the spectrum of news. However, as many know, not every announcement truly falls under the “breaking news” category and many more are not deemed “newsworthy” by journalists and editors.

But, not all news needs to be about new products, new and noteworthy people or thought leadership/perspectives in order to get picked up by media outlets. There is a small window of news opportunities that include the offbeat topics that, if covered, would support a company’s branding and recruitment initiatives and improve reputation among their communities (both local and those within their industry).

For example, our client Edifecs, Inc. recently moved its headquarters to a larger more eco-friendly location in Bellevue, Wash. At the time the lease was signed, a couple of local media outlets had covered the development. Following this, our team was tasked with expanding on the move further and creating another news cycle to highlight the design features, employee benefits and sustainable efforts built into the new space – not your typical news event.

We found opportunities in local round ups of innovative and unique office spaces as well as trade outlets in the office design industry that feature one-of-a-kind floor plans and aesthetics of office spaces. Our timing was critical as a local publication, the Puget Sound Business Journal, had just begun a series on “Cool Spaces” around town. We pitched Edifecs, emphasizing its commitment to providing a work place focused on sustainability, wellness and collaboration. After an interview with the CEO, Edifecs’ office was included in the series: “Cool Spaces: Edifecs’ living wall is focus for a sustainable office

For this event, we tied Edifecs’ position in the healthcare technology marketplace to its commitment to environmental conservation and its mission to promote healthy living at work. This message, when communicated through the media, directly supports its brand positioning and reputation in a competitive job market.


What non “news” topics could your company use to support branding and reputation? Leave a comment below, or tweet us at @RHStrategic with the hashtag #RHetoricBlog.

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