When David Herman and I started this PR agency a little over 10 years ago, we immediately began building infrastructure that would allow us to scale. We had always worked with large global brands, as well as those who aspired to that level, and we never wanted any client to leave us or turn us down because we were too small.

Over the years we’ve made investments in team, tools, and methods to achieve significant results and push our clients into ever higher strata of their markets. Along the way we’ve studied the changing communications landscape, made predictions about how technologies and habits were reshaping our field, and invested accordingly.

To keep things rolling, we’ve now invested in expanding our reach globally through the Worldcom Public Relations Group. There are a few global networks of agencies out there, but Worldcom came out on top for us due to the high quality independent agency partners, its truly worldwide reach, and its emphasis on best practices, training and industry evolution. Everyone we spoke to within the Worldcom family gave us the sense that these are true pros that we’d value doing business with.

We’re honored that Worldcom has accepted us into their partnership of independent PR agencies, and we look forward to maximizing this opportunity for our clients and our team members. We also look forward to contributing to partner firms and joining with them in leading our industry forward during a time of significant transformation.

You can read more about the announcement in the official press release, and visit the Worldcom site for more information.


RH Strategic is a Seattle and D.C.-based communications firm providing strategic public relations for innovators in the technology, public sector and healthcare markets.