About a year ago, we joined the Worldcom Public Relations Group, a top global network of independent PR agencies like ours. In joining Worldcom, we continued our more than a decade of investment in firm growth.

Since becoming a member, we have drawn enormous value from our Worldcom partnership. In early 2020, during our acquisition of MIX Public Relations, Worldcom partners provided guidance on how to navigate the transaction and share our good news with the world. Following the announcement in February, RH Strategic has continued to grow post-acquisition by investing in new staff, tools and resources.

Being a Worldcom member has brought us numerous other benefits, including:

  • International reach: Our team provides coast-to-coast coverage in the United States, and Worldcom extends that worldwide with its global network of 85 international partners with 132 offices worldwide. This global reach empowers us with expert partners we can make available to our clients whenever the need arises.
  • Industry insights: We have written about the Worldcom Confidence Index before, but it bears repeating that the Confidence Index provides invaluable insights into how business leaders feel about key topics and what issues matter most to them. Recently, Worldcom converted its annual report into a living survey that provides up-to-date insights on how global leaders think about the state of business today. We leverage these insights for the benefit of the firm and our clients’ communications programs.
  • Transforming PR: Prior to COVID-19, we attended several of Worldcom’s regional and global in-person conferences, where we met with fellow Worldcom members and participated in a rich exchange of ideas about PR and what it means to design and execute high-quality PR campaigns in a fast-evolving communications landscape. For us, participation in these kinds of conversations isn’t just about expanding our own knowledge; it’s about raising the bar for the entire industry and transforming what PR can mean in today’s world.
  • Shared knowledge: One of the many things that drew us to Worldcom was its focus on continual education and improvement. Over the past year, Worldcom has hosted several webinars and distributed many whitepapers with useful tips and best practices from their experts and agency partners. This makes all of us smarter about our profession and our methods, which makes us better counselors to our clients.

This has been a fruitful year for RH Strategic, and we look forward to more years of firm growth, idea exchange and collaboration with the Worldcom PR Group. #WorldcomStrong


RH Strategic is a Seattle and D.C.-based communications firm with a nationwide presence and additional global reach via membership in the Worldcom Public Relations Group. We provide strategic public relations for innovators in the technology, government and healthcare markets.