RH Strategic recently sat with Grant Elliott, founder and CEO of Ostendio, at the 2018 DCA BIG Cyber Growth Summit in Crystal City, Virginia, to talk about the work his cybersecurity company is doing.

Grant Elliot, founder and CEO of OstendioIn our podcast, Elliott discusses Ostendio’s unique cybersecurity workflow solution and what it’s like to grow a cybersecurity business in the DC market.

“Fundamentally what we found over the course of doing this is that the number one driver for people to buy a solution like ours is motivation. We knew in our own lives, everyone knows they need to be doing more from a security perspective. We live our own lives. We don’t have strong enough passwords. We share our information overly so. The same applies in business, and so typically it’s unusual that a business doesn’t know what they need to do to some degree or most of them know that they need to be doing more. The question really comes down to what’s forcing them to do it?”

Hear more from Elliott in the podcast below.


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