It’s a new year and we’re brimming with optimism for the future at RH Strategic.

While we are anticipating the countless exciting campaigns, events, announcements and recognition we’ll tackle for our clients this year we are also looking back on the work of our incredible staff and their efforts to deliver top-shelf work, day after day at RH.

RH Strategic put a wrapper on 2021 by hosting our annual RHockstar Awards ceremony. Nominated by our colleagues, for our colleagues, the RHockstar Awards recognize the individuals across the firm who epitomize the 7C’s of RH’s culture, including Communicator, Creativity, Coordinator, Connector, Consultant, Curiosity and Compassion.

The 7C’s are the core of our working culture. You won’t find these seven attributes in our job descriptions, but they are hugely important to how we invest in our culture. These drive the management of our business and the development of our team.

Throughout 2021, our team observed work worth writing home about and 72 nominations were submitted for consideration in the annual event. We are thrilled to celebrate the winners of RH Strategic’s 2021 RHockstar Awards as well as our RHockstar of the Year. Without further ado…

Connector: Katie O’Brien

Katie is an essential contributor to her team’s media relations efforts, consistently connecting her clients with the reporters and editors that seek to tell today’s top stories.

Creativity: Kristin Peixotto

Always bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas to her work, Kristin has been integral in thinking through creative ways to raise awareness of her client’s work through big picture storytelling.

Communicator: Kaitlin Sheppard

Kaitlin is a natural communicator in both the written and spoken sense. She’s earned this RHockstar Award in part for driving meaningful discussions, making valuable connections and crafting content that represents the best of her clients.

Coordinator: Megan Brown and Elizabeth Fawcett

A tie! Both Megan and Elizabeth took on complex campaign and project management initiatives this year. They both display mastery in time management, organization and even keeping the rest of the team on target with critical timelines and goals.

Consultant: Sinead Lykins and Sam Garrard

Another tie! With the skills for listening, gathering intelligence, formulating feedback and giving advice, Sam and Sinead exhibit the true meaning of what it takes to be a high-performing consultant. Our clients value their opinions and trust their counsel every time.

Curiosity: Madison Pappas

Madison is always looking to learn something new. Forever curious about the world around her, she is committed to expanding her own perspective and skillset for the benefit of her clients and the firm.

Compassion: Amanda Meglio and Ryan Robledo

Leading with compassion is an essential part of how we operate at RH Strategic. We look for compassion in how we partner with clients and build relationships with our colleagues. Amanda and Ryan always have their colleagues’ backs and a caring, compassionate ear for their clients.

RHockstar of the Year: Elizabeth Fawcett

Elizabeth is our culture champion and was selected for representing what makes RH so special, embodying all aspects of the 7C’s and beyond. She is a trusted teammate, skilled communicator, industry expert for her clients, and, above all, the kind of person you want on your side. In 2021, Elizabeth coordinated our all-staff retreat to New Mexico, earned the moniker of “super-mentor” by the multiple people to look up to her and impressed her clients every day. Her achievements this year touched on all seven of our culture C’s, and more, and for that reason we are proud to call her our RHockstar of the Year.

Honestly, we believe we have the best team of PR practitioners at RH Strategic. We are thrilled to highlight these employees, but also our whole staff who wake up every day excited to work in public relations and make a difference in our society by telling the stories of our impressive clients.

This is the team to be a part of. If you’d like to learn more about career opportunities at RH Strategic please reach out to


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