Survey data, new products, videos, infographics, press releases – these things are a surefire way to be mentioned in the news. You distribute it, media picks it up.

We collect PR assets like we do dirty coffee mugs around RH. We pick them up from our clients almost daily and then we are challenged with putting our heads together to come up with the right targets and messages to give these assets legs.

But one thing companies often don’t think about when it comes to PR assets is themselves, the actual living and breathing people that walk the halls of their offices and sit in meetings with prospective customers. I’m not talking about who is quoted in press releases or whose name occupies the byline on a recent contributed article; I’m talking about finding your media darling. One of the most influential PR assets is the experts and smart voices you rarely see, but hear a lot about. The power of a true expert in your industry can’t be compared to a press release or video; the resulting exposure of using your experts not just shines the spotlight on them, but it creates a visionary out of your entire organization.

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Recently, one of our clients handed us PR-asset gold. He had the resume, the practical experience, the advice, an eye on the entire industry and he also happened to tell great stories. And we had the news cycle. The stars aligned perfectly as we pitched an opinionated point of view on an active news topic to targeted press who were regularly covering the industry. Over the course of two months we secured meetings with some of the leading business media outlets and several of those resulted in expert commentary quotes, including:

The question isn’t “what are your PR assets,” but rather “who.” Look beyond the CEO and director of product marketing. Determine who is advising the growth within your business and tracking what is happening out in the real world, related to, but outside the walls of your organization. Leveraging one person’s expertise in media is sure to positively impact the perception of your organization and show your prospects that you know what you’re talking about.


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