We recently welcomed our Summer 2022 Fellowship cohort to RH Strategic. We’re grateful to give four promising public relations professionals an opportunity to learn about the PR agency career and work with Fortune 500 brands and well-funded start-ups.

Throughout the 12-week fellowship program, our fellows are immersed in the day-to-day functions of life at a public relations firm. They learn how to craft top-tier public relations campaigns, write impactful pitches and press releases, communicate effectively with their colleagues and so much more.

We are pleased to introduce you to Ruby Lewis, Danielle Land, Sylvie Westerhoff and Kiahna White-Alcain:

2022 Summer Fellows Cohort

Ruby graduated from the University of Oregon in June and is joining us remotely from northern California. Ruby knew she wanted to work in public relations when she was completing her capstone project which included developing a comprehensive campaign for a local company. She discovered her creative voice through this project and looks forward to creating compelling content for RH clients.

Danielle is originally from Virginia and works in the DC office. She graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia in May. Danielle enjoys the fast-paced nature of public relations and during her time at Virginia Tech she especially enjoyed the classes that merged innovation and collaboration.

Sylvie works in the DC office, and recently made the move from Eugene, Oregon to DC following her graduation from the University of Oregon. The dynamic nature of the PR field and potential for creativity and collaboration intrigued Sylvie. During her time at the UO, she especially enjoyed working with her peers to develop campaigns.

Kiahna graduated from Western Washington University and is working in the Seattle office this summer. Kiahna is currently enrolled in a master’s program at the University of Southern California, studying public relations and advertising. Kiahna attributes her passion for public relations to the amazing professors who introduced her to the field as an undergraduate.

Welcome all! Stay tuned for RH Strategic’s Summer Fellowship Week in July when we check-in with our aspiring PR RHockstars!

To learn more, visit our page on Fellowship Program page or contact fellowships@rhstrategic.com.


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