Welcome to our Summer 2022 fellows.

Recently, we introduced our Summer 2022 Fellowship cohort—and to kick off our 2022 Fellowship Week celebration, we’ve asked this year’s cohort to share their experience so far and what excites them about the second half of the fellowship.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far? Why?

Danielle Land: One of my tasks is to work on various written materials for a large technology client, including social media content, and briefing documents to prepare industry leaders for media interviews. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see that social media content posted and hear that the media documents I created with my team helped an interview run smoothly.

What differences have you noticed between the work you do at RH and the work you did in school?

Sylvie Westerhoff: In school, there was less opportunity to do the day-to-day client service work, which is something I have really enjoyed. I never had the opportunity to experience the ins and outs of media monitoring or the real-life functions of agency work before RH. My undergraduate program emphasized PR theory and communications mechanisms. It is rewarding to use and build on that background information to develop strategic campaigns.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

Kiahna White-Alcain: Starting a new job or activity can be nerve-wracking. I’ve learned that asking meaningful questions is the key to success in my role. I am on multiple tech accounts and those come with a plethora of new terms and acronyms that I am learning. My team is so supportive while helping me understand this industry, but I quickly realized the importance of advocating for myself when I do not understand something. Additionally, in the first month of the fellowship, I was exposed to my colleagues’ various organization and workflow management methods. This allowed me to try different approaches and develop what works best for me.

What about the second half of the fellowship are you looking forward to?

Ruby Lewis: My team members go above and beyond to help me learn new skills and consistently encourage me to try new things. As I fine-tune my media relations and communications tactics, I look forward to continuing to write pitches and engage with journalists. I am also excited to work with the fellowship cohort on our project. We do not overlap on any account teams so it will be an amazing opportunity to come together and collectively showcase our skills.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what this talented cohort accomplishes throughout the rest of the summer. Learn more about our fellowship program here.


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